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Candidate Spotlight - Fawad Hussain, AX Technical Architect

What was your search process like before engaging WorQFlow? Were there specific challenges you were facing when trying to find a new role?

Before working with WorQFlow, my search process involved regularly updating my LinkedIn profile and enabling it to be available for recruiters to search. I was having trouble finding positions on my own and was not being able to find recruiters who could understand my skill set, priorities and preferences.

How did WorQFlow stand out from other agencies you have worked with in the past?

I felt comfortable expressing my concerns and any issues to them because they are friendly, ask relevant questions, and are knowledgeable about technology. WorQFlow takes time to understand your priorities, like and dislikes for your ideal job. When you are working with them, you don;t feel like you are working with the type of recruiter who puts the employer’s interest first. You will feel like you are working with a career counselor, where you can discuss ideas and take suggestions.

One of the problems I was having with other agencies is the frequency of calls, a lot less follow ups, and multiple recruiters from the same company asking the same questions. I also experienced that recruiters in other agencies were not very well aware of the technology for which they were recruiting, and it took me a lot of time to explain what exactly I was looking for.


Was there anything specific about our service that you appreciated? Is there anything that we can work on to improve in the future?

I really appreciate Dania and Danny’s effort and hard work to place me in my current job. They went the extra mile to negotiate the salary, relocation and bonus for me. Not only did they ensure the process was smooth before I took the job, but they did so even after I joined. 

Dania was always available even after hours to answer any questions or concerns. She does a great job in customer service and communication that I knew I was working with a seasoned, experienced recruiter. While working with her, I also found out that at WorQFlow, recruiters are given technical sessions to understand the technology for which they are going to recruit. This helps them in effective placement, which really shows in Dania’s work. I’ve since recommended a few people to WorQFlow, and Dania has followed up with each candidate and worked with them to find them a role. 

As for Danny, he was always available on the phone whenever I needed something. At one point, I was not certain about joining my new company or another, but he followed up with me to discuss ideas and provided suggestions on what option to pick. He also negotiated with the employer to get the flexible hours and monetary benefits that I needed. He explained the offer in a way that helped me decide which was the best decision for me.

Since placing me in my current role, both Dania and Danny have followed up with me to ensure the placement is comfortable. 

What would be the main reason why you would recommend WorQFlow?

WorQFlow is not your typical recruiting agency who reads out a list of questions and then tries to pressure you to accept employers’ terms solely to gain commission. When you are working with WorQFlow, you can present your wish list, and your recruiter will negotiate with employers so the employer understands why you are asking for certain monetary benefits. Best of all, your recruiter is always one text or phone call away from you. If you have any concerns, just shoot them a message.

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